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As a modern transport business, we continuously invest in innovation, safety and sustainability. To list just one example, we use 100% green energy to keep all our loaded semi-trailers at the right temperature. Our refrigerated vehicles are also all equipped with a tracing system. This system allows us to carefully monitor the temperature of your goods remotely, saving energy as we go. Before every departure, our vehicles are checked, filled up and weighed on our weighing bridge. Doing so enables us to guarantee the safety of our drivers and our customers’ freight. 


Once we have transported your goods, the first thing our vehicles do is visit our own washing facility. This facility is equipped with a sustainable water recovery system to make sure we waste as little water as possible. Of course, it also allows us to keep our fleet immaculate inside and out, so we can always ensure compliance with the most stringent hygiene requirements.

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Dual temp

Temperature-controlled and ambient transport from -20°C to 5°C.

Aided by our innovative dual temp trailers, temperature-controlled and ambient transport is our core business.


Dual temp box vans

Sometimes, you may need to load and unload smaller volumes at multiple locations.

The compact format of a box van makes transport much easier in urban areas compared to large trailers.


Perishable and deep-freeze storage

We have our own 4,300 m² refrigeration and deep-freeze facility with room for 10,000 pallets and our own loading bays.

Our bonded, BIO-certified warehouse can handle 6,000 pallets of refrigerated goods (up to +2°C) and 4,000 pallets of deep-freeze products (down to -25°C). Bonded warehouse, BIO-certified.   

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