Pre-owned vehicles and parts

pre-owned vehicles and parts

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dual temp

Cooled, ambient, and heated transport from -20°C to 20°C.

Onze corebusiness is geconditioneerd en ambiant transport. Dit is mede mogelijk door onze innovatieve Bi-Temp trailers.


dual temp box vans

Sometimes, you may need to load and unload smaller volumes at multiple locations.

The compact format of a box van makes transport much easier in urban areas compared to large trailers.


perishable and deep-freeze storage

We have our own 4,300 m² refrigeration and deep-freeze facility with room for 10,000 pallets and our own loading bays.

Our bonded, BIO-certified warehouse can handle 6,000 pallets of refrigerated goods (up to +2°C) and 4,000 pallets of deep-freeze products (down to -25°C). Bonded warehouse, BIO-certified.  



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